Mr. Randy Freiman, Honors Chemistry Instructor, Massena, NY                  

The powerpoints on this site are for the use of Massena High School students and their parents.  Mr. Freiman's Chemistry powerpoints from his lessons are available for you to study from, or take notes from if you were absent from class. Please use the lesson powerpoint which corresponds with the notes or lesson you are on. The study sheets are to help prepare for the following day's test. Please use them to study.

Day 1 Introduction to Chemistry and Measurement

Day 4 Metrics

Day 5 Dimensional Analysis

Day 6 Accuracy and Precision

Day 7 Significant Figures

Day 8 Computations with Significant Figures

Day 9 Scientific Notation Adding and Subtracting

Day 10 Scientific Notation Multiplying and Dividing

Day 11 Study Sheet For Appendix Test

Day 13 States of Matter, Physical and Chemical Properties

Day 14 Physical vs. Chemical Change

Day 15 Composition of Matter

Day 16 Separating Mixtures

Day 17 Study Sheet For Chapter 1A Test

Day 19 Energy Changes in Matter

Day 20 Heat of Fusion and Vaporization

Study Sheet for Chapter 1B

Day 23 Properties of Gases

Day 24 Combined Gas Law

Day 25 Charles' Law - Pressure Constant

Day 26 Gay-Lussac's Law - Volume Constant

Day 27 Avogadro's Hypothesis

Day 28 Liquids

Day 29 Solids

Study Sheet for Chapter 1C

Day 32 Atomic Structure

Day 33 Structure of an Atom

Day 34 Atomic Mass and Isotopes

Day 35 Electrons in Atoms

Day 36 Bohr and Quantum Mechanical Model

Day 37 Valence Electrons and Ionization Energy

Study Sheet for Chapter 2

Day 40 Bonding

Day 41 Metallic and Ionic Bonds

Day 42 Shapes & Polarity of Molecules

Day 43 Attractions Between Molecules

Study Sheet for Chapter 3

Study Flow Chart Chapter 3

Day 47 Chemical Formulas and Naming Compounds

Day 48 Stock System & Writing Formulas

Day 49 Oxidation Numbers & Gram Molecular Mass

Day 50 Evidence of Chemical Reactions

Day 51 Chemical Equations

Balancing Equations Worksheet

Day 52 Types of Chemical Reactions

Types of Chemical Reactions Worksheet

Study Sheet for Chapter 4

Day 56 The Periodic Table

Day 57 Periodic Trends

Study Sheet for Chapter 5

Day 60 Periodic Table Locations and Properties

Day 61 & 62 Periodic Table Chemical Families

Study Sheet for Chapter 6

Day 65 Chemical Calculations - Mole to Mass, Mass to Mole

Day 66 Percent Composition

Day 67 Hydrates & Empirical Formulas

Day 68 Molecular Formulas

Day 69 Chemical Calculations Practice

Chemical Calculations Practice Worksheet

Day 70 Mole Relationships in Reactions

Day 71 Working With Moles

Study Sheet for Chapter 7

Day 74 Percent Yield

Day 75 Solutions

Day 76 Solubility

Day 77 Solubility Curves Worksheet

Day 78 Factors Affecting Solubility

Day 79 Solubility Lab

Day 80 Measuring Concentrations

Day 81 Molarity

Day 82 Dilutions and Electrolytes

Day 83 Colligative Properties

Day 84 Colligative Properties Activity

Study Sheet for Chapter 8

Day 87 Reaction Rates

Day 88 Energy In A Reaction

Day 89 Factors Affecting Reaction Rates

Potential Energy Diagram Worksheet

Study Sheet for Chapter 9

Day 93 Equilibrium

Day 94 Phase Equilibrium

Day 95 Factors Affecting Equilibrium

Day 96 LeChatelier's Principle

Day 97 Solutions and Equilibrium

Study Sheet for Chapter 10

Day 100 Forces That Drive Reactions:  Enthalpy

Day 101 Forces That Drive Reactions: Entropy

Study Sheet for Chapter 11

Day 105 Properties of Acids and Bases

Day 106 Arrhenius Model of Acids and Bases

Day 107 pH

Day 108 Neutralization & Titration

Day 109 Bronsted-Lowry Model

Study Sheet for Chapter 12

Day 112 Oxidation and Reduction

Day 113 Redox Reactions

Day 114 Electrochemical Cells

Day 115 Balancing Redox Reactions

Day 116 Balancing Redox Reactions Worksheet

Day 117 Oxidizing & Reducing Agents

Study Sheet for Chapter 13

Day 120 Introduction to Organic Chemistry

Day 121 Hydrocarbons

Day 122 Naming Organic Compounds

Day 123 Hydrocarbons Activity

Day 124 Naming Organic Compounds by Functional Groups

Day 125 Functional Groups

Day 126 Isomers

Day 127 Functional Groups Activity

Day 128 Organic Reactions

Day 129 Organic Reactions Continued

Day 130 Ester Activity

Study Sheet for Chapter 14

Chemistry Jeopardy Review Game

Day 133 Radioactivity & Types of Radiation

Day 134 Nuclear Equations & Transmutations

Day 135 Half-Life & Radioactive Dating

Day 136 Half-Life Activity

Day 137 Nuclear Energy

Study Sheet for Chapter 15

Chemistry Core Questions